Tips for Cruising the Mediterranean with Kids

Mediterranean cruises are a great way for the kids to get an education.  Way better than books.  Cruises can include plenty of fun excursions that allow the family to experience history bring ancient history and civilizations to life.

In Athens, Greece a family can visit the Acropolis to see the Parthenon and other temples.

While in Rome, imagine you are one of the gladiators fighting in one of the great Coliseums.

In Turkey, travel to Ephesus to see where one of the first Christian churches was recorded (via Paul’s writings) and you can see where “Cleopatra” use to live.

But, it’s not just “seeing the sights” that make it so cool.  The family can experience what it was like back in time and gain a better appreciation for the ancient world and compare it to how things are today.   When they are back in the classroom, they can talk about such things as: what languages people use in Europe, what life is like in Italy or Greece, what the countryside in Spain or France looks like, and so on.

Of course, food is always a topic of discussion.  The Mediterranean offers plenty of pasta, veggies, pizza, gelato, and even plenty of new things to try.  Like olives.  Yuck!   And Gyros, Koos Koos or however the heck you spell it, and also yuck!   Oh, and plenty of wine.  But, not for the kids.

A few tips:

Rest while at sea so you’ll have plenty of energy when touring on the land.  There is SO MUCH TO DO.

Hire a private guide instead of the normal excursions.  There is SO MUCH TO SEE.

Go over the plan for the next day and have an emergency plan to get back in touch if someone gets lost.

Don’t schedule too much and make it stressful.  Part of the idea is to relax and enjoy.

Carry water to stay hydrated and separate your local cash into several pockets.


Keep in mind, you can’t go wrong with a Mediterranean Cruise.  There so many sights to see and cultures to explore. Just be sure to plan well in advance to make the most of your adventure and take plenty of picture to enjoy for the rest of your life.


Have fun!


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